Dr Phil Millard saves Tom Hampton’s life

Dr Phil Millard saves Tom Hampton’s life with an emergency operation by oil lamps in the darkness of night

Phil Millard was dressed in his Christmas Pantomine costume


When Tom Hampton needed an emergency stomach operation, Bill Carlyon was among the prisoners who carried him 2km through thick Thai jungle from Linson Wood Camp  to an Australian surgeon, Phil Millard.  In the darkness of night Dr. Millard dressed in his Christmas concert costume with a dim oil lamp for lighting faced a most difficult operation – a perforated gastric ulcer. Hampton survived – another patient did not.

Above:  Bill Carlyon

Dr. Phil Milliard

Below:  W.O. Tom Hampton


Tom Hampton’s Recollection to Dr, Phil Millard

‘I can clearly remember that night being carried to the Theatre ? (such as it was) there seemed to be some jungle mist or smoke about and it gave me an eerie feeling.  I well remember the tins filled with oil and wicks – also I can recall you coming to see me from a concert, you seemed to be dressed in a striped top – something like an old time bathing costume.  I also remember the other doctor but didn’t realise that he played such a vital part in urging you to operate  – so to me he is the World’s greatest Urger.  I can recall the other poor unfortunate chap who didn’t make it – thinking that after he had died that I might only have a few hours to go myself.  I stayed a few days at your camp then was taken back to the timber camp’. (Linson Wood).
Tom with ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No. 3 Battalion had been evacuated from Meiloe 75km Camp in 1943 with Malaria to Thanbyuzayat Hospital Camp for six months. He was recovered from Tamuang Camp when the war ended, to Bangkok to fly to Singapore.