Shire of Brookton War Memorial


WX16420 DAVIS Harold Allan born

1917 Kulyalling to Edward Benjamin

and  Annie Rebecca Davis.

Harold Davis, known as Allan died 15 February 1942 from gunshot wounds received to his shoulder during the battle to save Singapore. He had enlisted five months earlier and became a reinforcement for 2/4th MGB joining ‘A’ Company Headquarters.  Harold was 24 years of age.




WX13553 SPOUSE, Sydney Francis was born Subiaco 1921 to Stanley Garfield Spouse and Elizabeth Valentine Mathson Oxman.  Syd was the eldest of 5 sons and one daughter.

He enlisted AIF 24 May 1941 and was a reinforcement for 2/4th MGB joining ‘A’ Company, No. 6 Platoon.    Folllowing the Fall of Singapore Syd was a POW at Selarang Camp, Thomson Road, River Valley Road Camp and Selarang Barracks before being selected with ‘D’ Force Thailand S Battalion to work on the Burma-Thai Railway.  S Battalion departed by train from Singapore to Thailand on  14 March 1943.

He died of heart failure on 13 October 1943 at Tarsau, which was the hospital camp for ‘D’ Force.  S Battalion worked around the Hellfire Pass region, mainly at Konyu II, which is where Syd became ill and was evacuated to Tarsau.   He was 22 years old.