WX9392 Lt. Milton Eric WANKEY Awarded Military Cross

WX9392 Lt Milton Eric WANKEY MC

Lt WANKEY was O.C. 13 Platoon, 2/4th MGB. During early action was under command 2/20th Bn was sited at the Northern end of Lim Chu Kang Road.  The area was vital to the defence as it was the only solid landing beach in the Bn. Sector.  During the whole of 8th February 1942 the position was subjected to very heavy artillery fire.  One gun was put out of action and casualties were heavy.  The enemy commenced landing operations at 2130 hours, barges attempted to land in waves at 10 to 15 minute intervals were held off by close range machine gun fire and tremendous casualties were inflicted.  At 2200 hours heavy mortar fire caused casualties in the Platoon and Lt. WANKEY himself fired a gun with Pte LOLLER as his No. 2.  They kept this gun in action until 2230 hours when they were both wounded.  Lt WANKEY was severely wounded in the right knee but remained at his post and controlled the fire of his Platoon until ordered to withdraw by 2/20th Bn at 0130 hours.  Lt WANKEY was then evacuated to hospital and later had his leg amputated above the knee.  Lt LANKEY’s devotion to duty, although severely wounded, was an outstanding example of courage, which imbued his men with the determination to hold this key position and so deny the enemy an important bridgehead for a period of four hours.


Recommended by:  Major A.J. Cough, Commanding Officer. ‘D’ Coy, 2/4 MGB.
Honour or Award recommended:  Military Cross
Honour or Award granted:  Military Cross
Date of London Gazette:  1st August 1946
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette:  12th September 1946.












WX9321 Private Andrew James LOLLER received shrapnel wounds to right knee, both legs and his back.  His right knee was amputated above the knee on 6 April 1942.  He worked in the hospital and cook house at Changi.

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