‘A’ Company, No. 4 Platoon

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Above:  photo taken Australia.

Above from Joe Beattie’s collection.  The chap with the X in front is believed to be Joe.  Unfortunately, most faces are shadowed by their hats, so we are unable to recognise anybody!


The Commanding Officers of 43 men ‘A’ Company No. 4 Platoon   –
WX3440 Lt F G McCaffrey – Green Force Burma, Remained Thailand, RTA. Appointed 2  I/C of ‘A’ Company 2/4th MG Btn on the appointment of Major Saggers to Special Reserve Battalion.
McCaffrey attended Japanese War Crimes Trials at Rabaul from 30/4/1946 – 21/6/1946.
and WX8484  Lt. H J  ‘Jack’ Manning, Took Command of No. 4 Platoon – DOW 12 Feb 1942 aged 27 years at Hill 200  Ulu Pandan, Singapore. 
When Manning was wounded ‘Tom’ MacLennan took over command of No. 4 Platoon.  Although wounded himself, it was recorded MacLennan did an excellent job.
Manning was hit in the neck by a fragment of shrapnel which exited through his chest.  Carried to a truck and driven 300 yards to the rear and he was placed on a bench in a village.  He was Later moved by truck to corner of Holland and Farrer Roads and attended by a Medical Officer.  Jack Manning lived approximately one and half hours after receiving his wound and was buried the following day on 13 February 1942.
Platoon Sergeant:  WX8377 Sgt Chris McLennan – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Btn, remained Thailand.  RTA

Ted Elliot, Clarrie Henderson, Stewy Smith (kneeling) & Chris McLennan
WX7123 Sgt Robert  Douglas Hampton – ‘Blackforce’ Java, Java Party No. 4 Williams Force, ‘Rakuyo’ Maru – was miraculously rescued by USS ‘Barb’ from South China Sea September 1944.   RTA.
WX9345 Sgt Gordon Spurgeon Ohrt – Green Force Burma, remained Thailand. RTA
Platoon Corporals:
WX7046 Cpl Malcolm ‘Lofty’ Armstrong – Green Force Burma, Remained Thailand. RTA

WX8373 Cpl Leonard Greaves – Green Force Burma, ‘Awa’ Maru to Japan – remained Saigon, French Indo-China. RTA

Please read the story of ‘Awa’ Maru
WX8707 Cpl Frank Nazarri – ‘E’  Force Borneo, d. 24 April 1945 Sandakan aged 29 years.
Darwin, NT. c. October 1941. WX8707 Cpl  Frank Nazzari  (No. 4 Platoon) and John Ramsbottom, (5  Platoon) A Company, 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion beside an A frame bed which they are constructing from bamboo and mangrove saplings to use at Winellie Camp. When the unit arrived at the camp, galvanised huts had been erected, but many were without concrete flooring and windows, requiring the first weeks at the camp to be spent finishing off the accommodation. Cpl. Nazzari later died of illness on 24 April 1945 in Borneo, whilst a Prisoner of War (POW). (Donor J. Lane)


WX81274 L/Sgt Dan O’Leary – F Force Thailand .  Leg amputated, O’Leary died six months later aged 33 years,  unable to recover at Kami Sonkurai, Thailand.
WX9864 Royal James Baggs –  Green Force Burma, ‘Rakuyo’ Maru – perished 14 Sept 1944 South China Sea aged 34 years.

WX9018 Edward Nimrod Bates – Green Force Burma, selected for Japan but too ill to depart.  Remained Thailand. RTA

WX10791 Joe Beattie – ‘Blackforce’ Java, Java Party No. 6 P Battalion, Thailand, ‘Rashin’ Maru to Japan, Omuta. RTA

Please read further about Omuta Camp, Japan
WX14226 L/Cpl  Arthur Brazier – Green Force Burma, d. illness Mar 1943 Thanbyuzayat, Burma.  He was 38 years old.
WX77902 Clifford  Edward  Burns – ‘B’ Force Borneo, d. Feb 1945 Sandakan aged 28 years.
WX79007 Edward  George  ‘Eddy’ Burton‘E’ Force Borneo d. Feb 1945 Sandakan aged 22 years.
WX9360 Edwin John  Clarke – ‘J’ Force & Wales Maru Party to Japan.  RTA


WX8011 Harry Thomas Delaporte – Green Force Burma, Rakuyo Maru, perished 12 Sept 1944 South China Sea aged 30 years.
WX14856 Melville Roy Docking – F Force Thailand.  Worked Burma-Thai Railway, returned to Singapore and from here RTA.

L-R:  Bates, Docking & Hack

WX4915  Albert  Barnett ‘Barney’ Facey – KIA 15 Feb 1942 Cemetery Hill, Buona Vista, Singapore.  Driver Facey was 23 years old.
WX5335 William Marcus Giddens – ‘D’ Force S Battalion Burma-Thai Railway’s Hellfire Pass Cutting – remained Thailand.  RTA

WX8003 Alexander Meora ‘Alec’ Hack‘B’ Force Borneo, d. Sandakan.  Bridgetown born Hack was 38 years old when he died of beri beri on the Sandakan-Ranau track on 4 Feb 1945 with the First Sandakan March.


WX7851 Charlie Harris – B’ Force Borneo, d. 27 May 1945.
Charlie Harris was 31 years old when he died of starvation and illness at the Sandakan Camp, North Borneo.


WX6968 John Charles Hefferman – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Battalion to Hellfire Pass cutting, Burma-Thai Railway.  Remained Thailand. RTA

WX7976 Frederick Hermon – Green Force Burma, evacuated and remained Thailand.  RTA
WX7705 Ronald Hill – remained Singapore worked several parties. RTA
WX8007 Edric  Herbert King – to Hellfire Pass Cutting, Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’; Force S Battalion, evacuated and died Tamarkan Hospital Camp pulmonary tuberculosis on 12 Nov 1943.  He was 32 years old.
WX6429 William John King – Remained Singapore.  Scalded arm April 1942 – probably cook. RTA

WX7043 Harold Bernard  Lear‘E’ Force, d. Sandakan.
WX7285 Harrie Robert  Love – ‘Blackforce’ Java, No. 4 Black Force.  Arrived from Java, however remained AGH At Roberts Barracks & did not continue journey to railway. RTA

WX7241 Eric Meakins – ‘D’ Force Thailand S Btn, ‘Rashin’ Maru Party to Japan, Yamane, Niihama.  RTA

WX13338 L/Cpl Reginald James Miller– ‘D’ Force Thailand, Capt Fred Harris Party, ‘Aramis’ Party to Japan.  Omuta.  RTA
Formerly with 25th Light Horse Militia before joining 2/4th.

WX8076 Frank Clifford MooreGreen Force Burma, ‘Rakuyo’ Maru Party, perished South China Sea 12 Sep 1944.
WX8493 Albert  William ‘Bert’ Norton – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Btn, ‘Rashin’ Maru Party to Japan, Yamane, Niihama.  RTA

WX8481 Alexander Sutherland Oag – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Btn, ‘Rashin’ Maru to Japan, Ohama.  RTA

WX7738 Charles  Spencer Parke – ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Btn, ‘Aramis’ Party to Japan, Omuta.  RTA

WX6172 Harold Edward Procter – WIA Hill 200 witth shrapnel wound to back and left arm.  ‘J’ Force Japan, ‘Wales’ Maru Party, Kobe etc. RTA

WX7474  Herbert Michael Rubery – d. Singapore illness 23 Feb 1943.
Herb Rubery and his sister


WX89041 Walter Joseph Stone – Remained Singapore.  RTA
WX5021 Henry William Waghorn – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Btn, Remained Thailand.  RTA

WX12008 Lt/Cpl Thomas Clifford Wearn Green Force Burma, d. dysentery Thanbyuzayat, Burma. He was 33 years old.
WX8014 Lt/Cpl Raymond Cooper Wilson – Green Force Burma, Remained Thailand.  RTA


WX6958 John Young – ‘D’ Force Thailand, S Btn  worked Hellfire Pass Cutting on Burma-Thai Railway.  d. illness Nacompaton 15 Aug 1945. Last 2/4th to die on foreign soils.


Reinforcement – WX15386  Ronald Keith Moran – ‘E’ Force Borneo, d Sandakan 28 June 1945 aged 21 years.  Ron was one of the youngest sent to this infamous place in North Borneo, known at Sandakan.  He was too ill to leave with earlier marches to Ranau and died firstly of starvation in the grounds of Sandakan.  


 19 Men did not Return to Australia whilst 25 survived. 



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Movements of  ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 4 Battalion

Three men lost their lives when ‘Rakuyo’ Maru sank. Miraculously WX7123 Sgt Robert  Douglas Hampton survived long enough to be rescued by USS ‘Barb’. Please read further

Eight men Died Sandakan, Borneo.  Please read further

Three men were AWOL when ‘Aquitania’ sailed from Fremantle 16 Jan 1942. Please read about ‘Blackforce’ Java.

Eight men were recovered from Japan

Ten men were recovered from Thailand.

One man was recovered from Saigon, French Indo-China WX8373 Cpl Leonard Greaves

Five men lost their lives working on the Burma-Thai Railway

Two men lost their lives during the battle of Singapore.

One man died of illness at Singapore.