Headquarters Company No. 2 Platoon Anti Aircraft

Headquarters Company (Later No. 2 Platoon Anti Aircraft)

L-R Standing:  R Lyle, H Scadden, F Annesley,  H Harrison, Sgt Innes, Lt Royce, Cpl Phllips, Cpl C V Smith
L-R Seated:  G Hayes, T Jones, Wilkinson, J Murphy, D Todd, J. Jones, Cpl J M McGinty, J Isaacs, J Tucker, B Thackrah. J Stevens ? Unknown.


The names below are recorded as listed above and across L-R and are not in the order of standing and sitting.  Believed to be an early photograph of the Battalion – some men were no longer in 2/4th, some were moved to other Companies or Platoons.
WX8675 LYLE, Robert Russell – WIA Ulu Pandan 10 Feb 1942 – GSW through arm which exited through his back.  Bayonet wound to stomach.  Remained Singapore throughout war.  RTA
WX7617 SCADDEN, Harry Wright – Green Force Burma.  D.  Tamarkan Hospital 22 Apr 1944 cerebral malaria aged 29 years.
WX7905 ANNESLEY, Frederick John – Blackforce’ Java: ‘A’ Force Burma Java Party No. 4 Williams Force;   ‘Rakuyo’ Maru – lost at sea 12 Sep 1944 – Aged 28years.
WX8733 HARRISON, ‘Harry’ Henry Ralph – D Force Thailand V Battalion d. Kuii 15 Sep 1943  malaria aged 27 years.
WX9552 INNES, William (Bill) Sgt – KIA GSW to chest Hill 200 Ulu Pandan aged 22 years.
WX9383 ROYCE, Lt. John Douglas became Commanding Officer No. 2 Platoon, Anti-Aircraft. DOW Hill 200, Ulu Pandan 12 Feb 1942.
WX10389 PHILLIPS, Cecil Allen Lance Sgt – KIA Ulu Pandan, Reformatory Road 12 Feb 1942 aged 23 years.
WX7904 SMITH, Clifford Vaughan Sgt – ‘F’ Force Thailand. Kami Sonkurai 22 Oct 1943 aged 38 years.
WX8408 HAYES, Albert George  – ‘Blackforce’ Java: ‘A’ Force Burma Java Party No. 4 Williams Force;   ‘Rakuyo’ Maru – lost at sea 12 Sep 1944 aged 33 years.
WX7453 JONES, Edgar Cheetham – ‘Blackforce’ Java;  d. 6 Jul 1942 Bicycle Camp Hospital Batavia bacillary dysentery aged 40 years.
WX10049 WILKINSON, Mervyn Wilfred, Signaller – ‘Blackforce’ attached 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion; ‘A’ Force Burma, Java Party No. 5A. Robertson Force; later Williams Force.  RTA
WX7426 MURPHY, John ‘Jack’ Patrick – ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion d. cholera Kuii 30 Nov 1943 aged 27 years.
WX7470 TODD, Richard Lloyd – KIA Reformatory Road, Ulu Pandan 12 Feb 1942 aged 25 years.
WX7510 JONES, Alfred James – (believed to be ?- enlisted Aug 1940 – possibly moved to ‘D’ Coy) ‘Wales’ Maru Party to Japan.  Recovered from Japan.  RTA
WX7436 MCGINTY Joseph Michael Cpl. (Promoted 14 Feb 1942) – ‘F Force Thailand.  RTA

WX7889 ISAAC, John – Green Force Burma.  RTA

WX8357 TUCKER, Wiliam John ‘Jack’ – Green Force Burma, Rakuyo Maru Party; lost at sea 12 Sept 1944 aged 38 years.
WX8699 THACKRAH, Cyril Bernard Corporal (Promoted 14 Feb 1942) – ‘F’ Force Thailand;  d. 19 Sept 1943 Tanbaya Hospital Camp, Burma dysentery & malaria aged 40 years.



6 Returned to Australia
12 died
1 Unknown – no longer in 2/4th.