Ex-Prisoners of War Association 1947

Read about the hard-working and dedicated Mrs Molly Riches – always available to comfort the families of POWs during the war and after.
As is evident below, the Ex-Prisoners of War Assoc began July 1947 following an amalgamation with the Ex-Prisoners of War & Relatives Assoc.
Instrumental in creating this amalgamation were Les (Pard) Riches and wife Mrs. Molly Riches and Dr. Claude Anderson of the 2/4th.  Molly especially worked tirelessly.



Right: WX10046 Les Gordon Riches (known as Pard).
As a POW in Singapore Les went with ‘D’ Force Thailand V Battalion to work on Burma-Thai Railway under the command of Major Cough.  There is no doubt Pard’s experience and maturity was an asset to Cough and V Battalion who suffered terribly.
Riches served in 11th and 51st Battalions WW1. He fought Gallipoli and was awarded the Military Cross 1918 for his actions in France.

Riches had played football for Subiaco and was a keen cricketer.

WX3464 Claude Leonard Anderson (known as Pills or Doc) was the only doctor to 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion.



Below:  Molly Riches worked to assist families of POWs during the war.  She is to be commended for her dedication.