Boulder War Memorial

The monument is a bronze statue of bare-headed soldier with an open-necked shirt, holding a bayoneted rifle and standing on a pedestal of Bulla Bulling granite. It rests on a granite plinth and a three-stepped granite base.
The monument was donated by David Donaldson, the publican of the Boulder City Hotel which is on the opposite side of the road from the Reserve. He requested that the statue be based on his son who had died of wounds in World War One. When found, the son was without his helmet so Mr Donaldson wanted the figure to be bare-headed with the shirt open at the neck. The model for this memorial and for the Kalgoorlie War Memorial was Private, later Major, Bill Hackfath. It was unveiled by Major-General Sir Talbot Hobbs on the 25th July 1920.


There are many WW1 War Memorial throughout the Goldfields.

WW2 Individuals have not been recorded – the numbers unknown and the area so vast.  100s and 100s of men had moved to the Goldfields seeking employment from interstate and overseas – single men about whose families we have no knowledge.