The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Edward Mason
Nick Name:
Regimental #:
'B' Company, No. 7 Platoon
Place of Birth:
Albany, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Alfred Joseph Hopson
Mothers's Name:
Mary Jane Hopson (nee Hawkes)
Pre-war Occupation:
Dutch Cemetery, Atjeh, North Sumatra, Age 35.
Atjeh Party Sumatra
Camps Java:
Atjeh, Blangkenjeren
Cause of Death:
Place of Death:
Tenal Gajoe
Date of Death:
Soldier’s body was buried at a point 200 yards south of 28 kilometre peg on Blangkenjeren-Tekenong Road at location 3.59N-97.20E.

General Description

Edward Hopson
Edward Hopson


Listed as missing from Pasir Panjang on Sunday evening 15.2.1942. He escaped with Atjeh Party to Sumatra and was soon aftrer captured by Japanese.  He remained a POW in Sumatra with Magill WX16886 and Quinn WX9285.
Frank Thaxter WX7248 (fitter with Aust. Army Ordnance Corps) wrote of Hopson’s escape:
“5 or 6 of us decided to make a break with Tom’s blessing (Bunning).”


Ted Hopson had been left at Tenal Gajoe suffering with appendicitis. Because he was also ill with dysentery it was not possible to perform an operation for fear of infection.   Ted died on 26 April 1944.
Ted was popular and well liked amongst the group. He was described as being ‘a good bloke’. His body was brought to Blang Kedjeren where a coffin was constructed.  The machine gunner was laid to rest about 100 yards from the camp. Amongst the POWs was a stonemason who cut a headstone, which was placed at the head of Ted’s grave.


Soldier had appendicitis but due to the fact that he also had dysentery doctors were unable to operate.  He died at Tenal Gajoe and was buried 200 yards south of 28 kilo peg on Blangkejeren-Tekencong Road.
To a (WX) Mother by Pte Frank Collins
To a (WX) Mother by Pte Frank Collins


(Frank Collins NX32561was with 2/19th Battalion.)

Alfred John Hopson was born in England and married 1902 at Albany to Mary Jane Hopson who was born Wallaroo, SA in 1878.
Alfred and Mary with their family farmed at Lower Kalgan until end of 1930’s, when Mary and her sons and daughter Eve moved to Albany to live.
Edward Mason was one of four sons born to Mary and Edward, and one daughter Eve.  Sons include Alfred (Jnr), John and Cyril.
Alfred Joseph Hopson died in 1934.

Below: 15 February 1922

Above  1921 – happier family days!



Above:  Edward at local Shoot Club Competition.

Above: Obituary for Alfred Joseph Hopson.







Below:  Edward’s only sister Eva sadly dies in 1945.


Alfred Hopson is buried with his daughter Eva at Albany with recognition of son Edward Hopson who died Sumatra 1944 aged 35 years.



Mary Jane Hopson died in 1957.  She is buried at Albany Cemetery beside her husband and daughter.

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Hopkins was working on road construction with Sumatra Railway

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Camp Locations:

  • Atjeh Party, Blangkedjeren - Sumatra
  • Gloe Gloer Camp - Sumatra
  • Tenal Gajoe