The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Alfred Charles
Nick Name:
Alf or Snook
Regimental #:
‘C’ Company
Place of Birth:
Adelaide, South Australia
Father's Name:
Lawrence Mussman
Mothers's Name:
Maud Mussman
Pre-war Occupation:
Fitter’s Assistant
Epitaph, Singapore Memorial, Column 136, Age 30.
Cause of Death:
Killed in Action
Place of Death:
Reformatory Road, Ulu Pandan
Date of Death:
Where killed at map reference 758128 by Major A. Cough Party on 21.12.1942.

General Description

This soldier had received a wound to the head.  Mussman was KIA 13 February 1842 at Ulu Pandang, Singapore aged 30 years.
Please read about Ulu Pandan.
About 8 months later, when the Japanese finally agreed to repeated Allied requests to recover their dead, Mussman’s body was found, identified by his identity discs and buried where killed by the burial party.   Informant’s signatures were Harry Bunker and R.D. Hampson.
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Alf’s football career began early in SA where he was born and grew up.
Sturt Football Club 1931:
Members of the Sturt Football Club. Top row: G. Westley (trainer), C. Foreman (trainer), F.R. Johnstone (trainer), E.A. Lord (head trainer), T.R.L. Alderman (committee), O.B. Beatty (trainer), D.C. Sharp (trainer), A. Longmore (trainer), A.G. Etheridge (trainer). Second row: E. Colley, A.C. Mussman, J. Headon, W.K. Dunn, G.J.R. Green, A.G. Smith, E. Fisher, A. Morgan, C. Rossiter, G. Headon. Third row: O. Richardson (committee), F.G. Aistrope, W. Martin, P.T. Morton, L.L. Simon, P. Robertson, J. [sic] Wakefield, G.D. Smith, E.W. Sims, C.B. Parsons, T.M. Beatty (timekeeper). Fourth row: H.W. Johnston, H.J. Moody (committee), R. Green, J.K. Alderman (chairman), V.A. Bateman (captain), H.C. Richards (patron), C. Whitehead (vice-captain), E.R. Brown, (president), A.L. Payne, S. White (coach), L. King. Front row: S.W. Lord (assistant secretary), S. Headon, L.W. Leak, R.S. Beatty (secretary), W. Smith, H.G. Matthews (committee), R. Treleaven, J. Wadham, A. Harris (doorkeeper).

Members of the Sturt Football Club. Top row: G. Wesley (trainer), A. Longmore (trainer), E.A. Lord (trainer), D.C. Sharp (trainer), W. Mitchell (color steward), O.B. Beatty (trainer), F.R. Johnstone (trainer), C. Foreman (trainer), A.G. Etheridge (trainer). Second row: T.M. Beatty (timekeeper), A.C. Longmore, C. Rossiter, K. Brown, G. Davis, W. Beeching, A.G. Smith, M. Purdie, J.F. Golding, S. Headon, R.S. Beatty (secretary). Third row: O. Richardson (committee), L. King, G. Headon, W. Martin, P.R. Robertson, L. Shuttleworth, K.M. Sawatzke, F.G. Aistrope, G.J.R. Green, A.C. Mussman, T.R.L. Alderman (committee). Fourth row: H.J. Moody (committee), W.K. Dunn, C.B. Parsons, J.K. Alderman (chairman), V.A. Bateman (captain), E.R. Brown (president), J. Wadham (vice-captain), H.R. Bruce (committee) E. Fisher, E.W. Sims, H.G. Matthews (committee). Front row: A. Donaldson, L.A. Reeves, L.W. Leak, S. White, W. Smith, A. Wundersitz, A. Harris (doorkeeper), R. Treleaven, H.W. Johnston, R. Piper.


Below:  Mussman likened to an ‘Arab who steals away’ – this reporter has a vivid imagination!





Mussman was a bit of a larrikin as seen here.  He also wrote on his enlistment details his religion was ‘Agnostic’ –  not many would have done so!


It appears Alf Mussman was a spirited young footballer!


Mussman Alf


Below:  Alff’s 1937 engagement to Dorothy Owens is announced in SA Newspapers.  It is not known whether the marriage proceeded.




2nd4th Football team 1941
Back row L-R C Ryan , F. McCaffery, L. Daily (C), A Hewby (Manager), E. Hunt, R. Anderson, F. Clark, T. Tomkins
Middle row L-R C. Helmrich, R. Baddock, J. Pearce, R. Riebe, C Spackman, J. Dore
Front row L-R E.J. Ovens, J. Smith, J. Wheelock, J. Innes, H. White, A. Mussman




Below:  Mussman and Innes are recorded at the East Perth Football Club WW2 Honour Roll.


Alf’s father died in SA May 1941.


Alf’s mother died in 1949.