The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Lionel Rosebury
Nick Name:
Regimental #:
Reinforcement TOS 2/4th 15/12/1941
Headquarters Company, No. 2 Platoon.
Place of Birth:
Perth, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Albert Edward Hounslow
Mothers's Name:
Mary Jane Hounslow (nee Whelan)
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Commercial Traveller
Selarang Camp Changi
‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force, No. 3 Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Tamarkan, Chungkai, Petchaburi, Kachu Mountain Camp, Bangkok
Camps Burma:
Victoria Point, Tavoy, Kun Knit Way 26km, Meiloe, Augganaung
6285 (Ramsay Force No.1 Battalion)
Return Details 1945:
Bangkok-Rangoon by aircraft; Rangoon-Singapore, HMT Highland Brigade; Singapore to Australia by ship.

General Description

Lionel (Len) Hounslow married 1930 to Jessie Annie Beatrice Murdoch.  After the war the Hounslow family lived in Napier Street, Cottesloe for many years whilst Len continued working as a salesman.
Len Hounslow died 23 November 1959 aged 55 years, still a young man.


Hounslow Lionel Rosebury
Hounslow Lionel Rosebury


Len was selected as a POW in Singapore to work on the Burna end of Burma-Thai Railway with ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 3 Battalion which sailed from Singapore 14 May 1942 to south west coast of Burma.

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Hounslow’s POW Number indicates that he was a member of Ramsay Force.  It is uncertain if he was at the aerodrome camp at Victoria Point, Burma.  In this case it is likely he fell sick somewhere along the way and fell in with Ramsay Force.  Ramsay and Green Forces were later combined at Meiloe, 75 km Camp.

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Without records of the POW’s movements, we rely on the general movement of Work Forces.  It is possible Les became sick at Tavoy on Coast of Burma, and this is where he joined up with Ramsay Force.  They then moved to Kun Knit Kway 26 km Camp to commence working on Railway.
When the Railway was completed about end of 1943, the Japanese began to move all POWs from the Burma end of the rail construction south to one of several large camps in Thailand. Many went to hospital camps, those who were considered ‘fit’ by Japanese were selected to work in Japan – with ‘Rakuyo’ Maru (which was hit by American Submarines in South China Sea with less than 200 POWs rescued).
It would appear Len was sick, possibly sent to Tamarkan then to  Chungkai Camp, Thailand because it was from here many POWs were taken on work parties to Petchaburi and Kachu Mountain Camp – conditions and work in these two camps were terribly harsh.  Most  POWs left Chungkai were sick, wanting to leave rather than remain and die and conditions were rather dire.
Hounslow family
Peter and Rodney Hounslow with parents Lionel and Jess.


Lionel worked at Aerodrome Camp, Victoria Point.

He was recovered from Phetburi-Kachu Mountain and flown to Rangoon, Burma via Bangkok then home by ship.
Jess Hounslow volunteered as a Hospital Visitor with Johnny Mellor and following his death (before 1990) she continued.  Jess became ill and died 15 January 1990 aged 79 years.    (Borehole Bulletin April 1990)

Camp Locations:

  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Petchaburi - Thailand
  • Tamarkan, Tha Makham 56k - Thailand
  • Aungganaung,105Kilo - Burma
  • Kun Knit Kway, Kunhnitkway, 26Kilo - Burma
  • Meilo, 75 Kilo, 340k - Burma
  • Tavoy (Dawei) - river port - Burma
  • Kachau Mountain Camp - Thailand
  • Victoria Point, Kawthoung - Burma. \'A\' Force, Green Force No. 3 Btn