The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Regimental #:
Headquarters Company
Place of Birth:
Geraldton, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Harry Pickett
Mothers's Name:
Margaret Emily Pickett
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Selarang Camp Changi
‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force, No. 3 Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Camps Burma:
Victoria Point, Tavoy, Ye, Moulmein, Thanbyuzat, Kendau, Thetkaw, Meiloe, Aunggangaung
Rakuyo Maru Party, Kumi No. 37 (rescued by USS Pampanito)
Return Details 1945:
Saipan‐Guadalcanal-Brisbane-Perth 1.11.1944

General Description

Harry Pickett enlisted from Midland i AIF 14 Oct 1940, trainer as a signaller later joined HQ Coy No. 1 Signals Company under CO Lt Curnow.  Curnow was KIA 12  Feb 1942 at Hill 200, Ulu Pandan.  It is very likely Pickett was also at Hill 200.


Aub Hosking, Vern Hoppe, Billy Grundy, Harold Eastwood, Ted Cosson and Harry Picket
Aub Hosking, Vern Hoppe, Billy Grundy, Harold Eastwood, Ted Cosson and Harry Picket
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And the story Surviving the Sinking of the Rakuyo Maru written by Roy Cornford NX44955 of the 2/19th Battalion, courtesy of Peter Winstanley.
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Wally Worth, unknown lady and Harry Pickett
Wally Worth, unknown lady and Harry Pickett


Read of Harry’s description of his time as a POW Burma, sailing ‘Rakuyo Maru’ and rescue by USS ‘Pampanito’ from South China Sea in 1944 following the sinking of his ship.
Harry’s father Harry Pickett Snr, married Margaret Emily Gorringe at Geraldton in 1915.  The following year’s Electoral Roll has Harry and Margaret residing at Geraldton,  Harry is a butcher.
The family at some time after moved to live in the Swan area.  Harry Jnr married about 1938 to Kathleen Newman at Swan ie. around the area where they had both grown up.  Harry was accomplished pianist.
Harry Pickett died at Shoalwater on 3 July 2009 aged 83 years.


Please read further about Harry’s miraculous story of survival in the South China Sea.
From Singapore Harry was selected with the first work Force to leave Singapore.  ‘A’ Force Burma comprised 3,000 POWs – Harry was with Green Force No. 3 Battalion – about 1,000 men who sailed to south west Burma firstly to Victoria Point, where they would remain working several months repairing and enlarging the aerodrome.  They would make their way to the northern most point of the rail link in Burma and start work 1st October 1942 – the first Australian POWs to do so in Burma.
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Below:  Now released, Australian Naval Secret Document Sep 1944


Born in Geraldton, Harry’s father Harry Pickett (Snr) was butcher.
Harry was one of two sons.


Below:  Harry’s mother died 1937.


Below:  Harry’s engagement


Harry attends 2/4th mate, Jack Oven’s wedding in 1941.

Ovens was sadly KIA Singapore 1942.

Harry’s son is born when he is POW Singapore.










Above:  Harry appears to be only man – however,  very comfortable!




Below:  death of Kath Pickett’s mother



Swan Express (Midland Junction, WA : 1900 – 1954), Thursday 14 January 1954.


Camp Locations:

  • River Valley Road Camp - Singapore
  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Tamarkan, Tha Makham 56k - Thailand
  • Aungganaung,105Kilo - Burma
  • Kendau, Kandaw, 4 Kilo - Burma
  • Meilo, 75 Kilo, 340k - Burma
  • Tavoy (Dawei) - river port - Burma
  • Thanbyuzayat, 415k - Burma
  • Ye - Burma
  • Saigon - French Indo China
  • Victoria Point, Kawthoung - Burma. \'A\' Force, Green Force No. 3 Btn
  • Thetkaw 14 Kilo - Burma