The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Laurence Slade
Nick Name:
Regimental #:
‘C’ Company, 10 Platoon
Place of Birth:
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Harry Goldsmith Hummerston
Mothers's Name:
Ada Mary Hummerston
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Miner and Farmer
Selarang Camp Changi; Johore Bahru; Adam Park; Selarang Barracks Changi
‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Kinsaiyok, (evacuated to Chungkai due to a work accident); Tamarkan; Tamuang; Non Pladuk
Camps Japan:
Fukuoka sub-Camp No. 17, Omuta
Aramis Party
Return Details 1945:
Kyushu Island‐Okinawa‐Manila by US. Aircraft; Manila-Sydney, HMS Formidable.

General Description

Hummerston enlisted AIF 1 Feb 1941 and later joined ‘C’ Coy, No. 10 Platoon under under Commanding Officers Lt. Wilson and Lt. Ambrose.
He left Singapore with ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion  to work on Burma-Thai railway which endured some of the highest death rates. At Kinsayok Camp Hummerston was evacuated to Chungkai Hospital Camp due to a work accident (unfortunately we have no date).
When the railway was completed by end of 1943, the Japanese brought out the Burma POWs south to Thailand and congregated them with those working in Thailand.  Naturally many 100s were to sick and were hospitalised.  Those who were deemed fit by the Japanese (they did not count illnesses such as malaria) and really every POW was in terrible health – were selected to work in Japan.  He was sent to Japan with ‘Aramis’ Party. 
The men on this party were from ‘D’ Force Thailand V Btn and they ended up in Japan being sent to Omuta Camp – a horrific place.and was recovered from this camp at the end of the war. (There were 102 men from 2/4th recovered from various camps in Japan)

Below:  news printed Kalgoorlie Miner for the Hummerston family.

Hummerston, Mick – Omuta


Read about Mick’s experiences at Omuta.

Mick was good mates with Chatfield, Baxter and Artie Floyed who died March 1945 Sandakan aged 26.  The four young men were in ‘C’ Coy.





Mick’s parents Henry Goldsmith Hummerston and Ada Mary Chipper married Narrogin 1914.  Henry Hummerston was born in SA.  Hummerston and Ada Mary divorced before 1950 and he moved to Victoria where he died in 1955.
Mick had two brothers, Harry and Kenneth and a sister Judith.

Both Mick’s parents were extensively involved with horses and competitions.

Below:  Kellerberrin.


Harry Hummerston was involved in WATA and was Chairman of the Stipendiary Stewards and Country Supervisor for some years.

Harry also ran for politics.


Ada Hummerston who was WA born died 1978 at Mt Lawley. Her ashes were scattered to the winds at Karrakatta.
Mick’s grandfather Henry Augustus Hummerston married Eliza Emily Goldsmith.  The couple who had a large family moved to WA.  Eliza Goldsmith was born in SA, died 1900 in Perth.

Henry A  Hummerston remarried Eliza’s younger sister. Annie Goldsmith in 1901 in South Australia.   Victorian born Henry Augustus died in WA in 1923.


Below:  Kellerberrin.

Mick married about 1941 to Joan Patricia Power.


Below:  Mick and Pat residing in Corrigin.

Below, Mick’s brother Kenneth married in 1949.



Below:  Mick moves to live in NSW.

Below:  Mick’s sister

Mick moved to live in NSW about 1954, living at Goulburn and working as an auctioneer.  In 1963 Mick and Joan were living Watsons Bay and Mick is a stock agent.  It is about this time the couple divorce.





In 1972 Mick and his then wife, Elizabeth Frances are living Armadale.  In 1977 and 1980 the couple are living Balgowah, NSW.


Mick died in 1988 aged 88 years at Forster.  He was buried at Karrakatta.

Camp Locations:

  • Johore Bahru, - Malaysia
  • Selarang Barracks Changi - Singapore
  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Chungkai, 60k - Thailand
  • Kinsaiyok Main, 170.2k - Thailand
  • Non Pladuk, 0k - Thailand
  • Tamarkan, Tha Makham 56k - Thailand
  • Tamuang, Tha Muang 39k - Thailand
  • Omuta Miike, Fukuoka #17-B - Japan