Beketaung, Beke Taung, 40 kilo Camp - Burma

Beketaung, 40 Kilo Camp – Burma

Black Force ex Java including 184 Americans arrived October 1942

Black Force late October to 29 November 1942 (there were 6 men from 2/4th in Black Force Java Party).

Black Force commenced working from this camp in late October 1942.   On 29th November the water supply to this camp failed and Black Force was compelled to move back to Kun Knit Kway 26 Km Camp.

Later, Williams Force also worked at this Camp, and several sick men were sent to 40 Kilo Camp to be hospitalised.

WX7465 Norm Holdman was hospitalised 2 July 1943 then sent to 30 Kilo hospital 22 July 1943.

On 7 July 1943,  Corporal Stuart Foxall WX7569 died of Cholera 7 July 1943 aged 22 years old.



Foxall enlisted 6 Aug 1940 and joined ‘C’ Coy.  Was AWOL Fremantle – landed Java, joining ‘Blackforce’.  Taken POW Java.  Sent to work Burma-Thai Railway with ‘A’ Force Burma, Java Party No. 4 Williams Force.  Buried Grave No. 12.






This camp was situated in a malaria-infested area. Malaria and dysentery were rife.The hospital hut was in a gully and almost surrounded by water.

During speedo, the Japanese sergeant Shimojo forced sick men out of the hospital hut to work, with many of them collapsing on the job and having to be carried on stretchers back to camp.




Location of Beketaung, Beke Taung, 40 kilo Camp - Burma (exact)