Hindato Hot Springs

Hindato Hot Springs

This little known camp wasn’t much and was in fact used only by Japanese troops on their march to Burma.

A small party of POWs were chosen from Kinsayok to go to the springs and build some bamboo huts for the Japanese.  The natural hot spring was a big pool of water in a creek off the main river.

The party of about 20 men from ‘D’ Force included Lou Lonsdale and Ted Leadbitter from 2/4th.   No medical staff or officer.  There was no time for the men to build any shelter for themselves, they slept beneath the bamboo and their nights were disturbed by large scorpions.The party brought their own  kwali and cooked their rice in the open.  They collected water from the river to boil.

The party were there about a week or two.

“We were just a small gang working in the guts of the jungle”

This information from Merv Cox, AASC, ‘D’ Force from ‘The Men of the Line’ Stories of the Thai-Burma Raiway Survivors by Pattie Wright (Published Miegunyah Press)

Location of Hindato Hot Springs (exact)