Kyondaw 95 Kilo Camp - Burma

Kyondaw 95 Kilo Camp, Burma
A Transit camp for ‘F’ Force sick POWs moving to Thanbaya Hospital Camp.  There was a high death rate here.
Williams Force worked here during 1943 and at that time it was a fairly big camp.  They arrived 4 September 1943 in pouring rain. Their continuing role was laying ballast, sleepers and line laying – which was all back breaking, slogging work, entailing carrying the heavy sleepers and long lengths of rail.  Williams No. 1 Mobile Force had the fastest and hardest task of all Forces.
Those men who remained well were sometimes provided a day’s break by the POW officers in charge of daily work parties, ie if they (the officers) were reasonable and if it was at all possible. There were many sick and of course too many deaths and the Japanese required their daily quota a number of men without fail.
The very sick were evacuated to 55 kilo hospital camp.

Location of Kyondaw 95 Kilo Camp - Burma