P Party, Johore Bahru - Singapore

P Party, Johore Bahru – Singapore


No details are known of P1 Party but it is assumed that it was at the same camp as the P2 Party.  There were 51 AIF on P2 party which was located one mile to the northwest of Johore Bahru and three quarters of a mile from Q party.  This was a newly built camp to accommodate 200 men.  From 3rd August 1945 to 10th August 1945 this party worked on the excavation of tunnels with Q party.  Worked stopped until 14 August 1945 then recommenced on clearing and digging until 18th August 1945 when, like Q party, the worked finished.  There were several men from the 2/4th in P2 party.


WX10066 ROSS, Douglas Godfrey remained Singapore throughout the war.
WX8596 STERETT, Douglas Francis – ‘A’ Coy 5 Pltn – previously worked Burma-Thai Railway with ‘F’ Force Thailand,

Location of P Party, Johore Bahru - Singapore (exact)