Payathonzu or Paya-thonzu Taung 108 Kilo Camp, Burma

Payathonzu 108km Camp

No. 1 Mobile Force 17.9.1943 to 26.9.1943
This Force arrived here 17 September 1943 having marched at night from Kyondaw 95 km Camp.  Fortunately the sick, medical and kitchen staffs avoided the march and were transported by truck.  This camp was 108km from Thanbyuzayat and near to Three Pagoda Pass and border between Burma and Thailand.
George Ramage remained behind with the sick and some medical staff when the Force left on 21 September.  The sick, medical and kitchen staff were transported by rail motor and a 4 km march to Kami Sonkurai 116km Camp into Thailand and the remainder of the Force marched from Payathonzu 108 km work site.
George Ramage at the age of 38 years, died from dysentery at Payathonzu Camp on the 23 September 1943. 


He was buried Grave No. 17 Payathonzu with the service conducted by Major A F Hobbs, 2/4th CCS.   His body was interred after the war to rest at Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, Burma with many mates from 2/4th.

Location of Payathonzu or Paya-thonzu Taung 108 Kilo Camp, Burma