Petchaburi, Phetchaburi, Phetburi - Thailand


Petchaburi, Phetburi – Thailand

Phetburi POW Camp 21 Sep 1945 – 816 men were awaiting  evacuation from here.

This Camp was approx. 160 Km south of Bangkok on the Singapore-Thailand railway.

Building of this camp by Australian POWs commenced 6 Feb 1945.  At one point in time there were 2,500 POWs of various nationalities working on the construction of two nearby airstrips.

Although the completed tarmac was never used by the Japanese it was used by Allied aircraft to evacuate POWs at the end of the war.

Following completion of Burma-Thai railway the surviving POWs were concentrated in the Kanchanaburi area from where work parties were dispatched during 1944-45 to various locations in Burma, Thailand and Indo-China.  Phetburi was one of these locations.

Those from 2/4th known to be at this camp include Heppingstone WX8525, WX9419 Harry Steele.

Gordon Foot WX15719 was evacuated here from Nakom Chassi via Chumphon  at the end of the war.

PHETBURI, 23 SEPT 1945 – POWs have just been issued with clothing.


Phetburi – where there were 816 POWs waiting for evacuation.


Phetburi (Petchaburi), Thailand. 23 September 1945. 8th Division ex-prisoners of war (POWs) of the Japanese give eyes right to Major C. E. Green, Commanding Officer, 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion during a march past at Phetburi POW camp. Major Green had been the Commanding Officer of Green Battalion part of Brigadier A. L. Varley’s A Force in Burma 1942-44.





Location of Petchaburi, Phetchaburi, Phetburi - Thailand (exact)