Shinagawa Hospital, Honshu - Japan

Shinagawa Hospital, Honshu – Japan

Time Line:
12 Sep 1942: First known as Shinagawa POW Camp, located at Shinagawa-ku, Keihin Unga Kensetsu office
25 Sep 1942: Renamed Tokyo POW Main Camp.
13 May 1945: Influx of POWS from Tok-13B Asano Docks
20 Jul 1943: Moved to Omori-ku, Iriarai-machi
1 Aug 1943: Shinagawa Hospital established as separate entity.
Sept 1945: Rescue effected

Man-made island constructed by POWs for the purpose of isolating POWS, especially the “special prisoners,” where Louis Zamperini and many Wake Island Marines were held as well as the Commanders of the USS Grenadier, the USS Houston, and USS Tang. Today it is a Sasakawa-owned motorboat racing venue, the Heiwajima Boat Stadium, with a park complex including movie theatres and a hot spring.

Location of Shinagawa Hospital, Honshu - Japan (exact)