Soekamiskin Prison - Java ***

Soekamiskin Prison – Java


Soekaiskin Gaol was located 8 kms east of Bandoeng located in West Java. The  prison was used in the first weeks of the Japanese occupation for the internment of “prominent people” from the local Netherlands East-Indies government and their co-workers. To their number were added, at the beginning of April, the governor-general and his staff, before they were taken to Batavia. Between August 1943 and March 1944 these internees were taken in small groups to four widely separated camps. The Soekamiskin prison was simultaneously used to hold political prisoners, including Indo-European boys detained in Bandoeng in raids in the first months of 1945; later, the majority of them were taken to the Glodok prison. In both groups, political and “regular” prisoners, there were many deaths. The regime of police-inspector Minami was extremely harsh.
In Oct 1943 there were about 300 Dutch POWs, and 100 POWs made up of Australian, British and Americans.
The Prison building were housed within a 5 metre concrete wall with one main entrance and a side entrance.
Four high-watch towers were manned at all times by warders with repeating rifles. Seven warders were on constant patrol within the grounds of the prison. 

Above:  Maurice William Caldwell WX10365 –

Caldwell was listed as missing in action in Java.  He had been sent to Bandoeng by Captain Albrecht to collect supplies but collapsed with dengue fever and admitted to hospital by the Dutch, becoming separated from 2/2nd Pioneers with whom he was fighting with.  He was captured by Japanese on 15/4/1942 placed Soekamiskin Gaol.


Soldiers that were in this camp

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