Tanjong Pagar Camp - Singapore

Tanjong Pagar Camp – Singapore
This camp was adjacent to the wharf at Keppel Harbour.  We can confirm at least four boys from the 2/4th were at this camp at the end of the war and all had been on X.4b, the advance party for W Party at Keppel Harbour. There were 50 AIF men in this Party which serviced the wharves.

Bill Hicks

Ron Hill

Arthur Roy Shier

Robin (Bluey) Semple

This harbour area was established in 1864 by the Tanjong Pagar Dock Company.  There was an initial slow start to business due a slump in worldwide trading during 1860s.  In 1869 the Suez Canal opened and business improved dramatically.  By 1885 the Company had secured 70% of all wharf space in Singapore and went on to monopolise the entire shipping business.



Location of Tanjong Pagar Camp - Singapore (exact)