Tanyin 35 Km Camp - Burma

Tanyin 35 Kilo Camp – Burma

Williams Force from Java (884 POWs) arrived October 1942. Joined by Anderson Force January 1943 to become No 1 Mobile Force

In late October 1942 Williams and Black Forces travelled from South Moulmein Railway Station 40 miles to Thanbyuzayat which became the HQ for Burma Administration Group 4.  Group 4 also included Green, Ramsay and Anderson Forces.

Williams Force was transferred to Tanyin 35 Kilo Camp while Black Force went to Beketaung 40 kilo Camp.

At that time 35 Kilo Camp consisted of two atap huts that were open on one side.  There was a native well about 500 yards from the camp and a stream about the same distance away.

On 3 January 1943 Anderson Force was moved by motor transport to join Williams Force at 35 Kilo Camp.  On the night of 27 March 1943 the combined Williams and Anderson Forces moved by motor transport moved back along the trace to Kun Knit Way Camp.  There existed an overcrowding problem until 13th March 1943 when the advance party for the now combined Black and Anderson Forces moved out of 26 Kilo Camp to Meiloe 75 km Camp – with the main party moving out on 18 March on a 30 kilometre march by way of the railway trace.

On 28 March 1943 Green Force arrived at 75 Kilo Camp having been at 14km Thetkaw Camp.

(Anderson Force had been based at Thanbyuzayat since 5th October 1942.  They had been building an embankment which was completed 5 days later and on 10 October 1942  marched on a rough road for a day to Alepauk 18 km Camp.)


Location of Tanyin 35 Km Camp - Burma