Tardan - Thailand

Tardan – Thailand

Heading north out of Kanchanaburi there was a twisting jungle track to the river which was crossed by barge.  The Japanese established a camp here so that a wooden bridge could be built across the Maekhlaung  River further north near the village of Takatai.

The bridge was later washed away with rising monsoon waters and a POW party was despatched to repair the Tardun bridge (even though it did not replace the location of  barge crossing).  Once the road crosses Tardun Bridge over the river it heads north towards the village of Wanyai at 124.85 km point.

‘F’ Force used this track from Tamarkan during their march north.  Major Bert Saggers diary mentions the H6 Officer’s Party travelled by train in late May 1943

Location of Tardan - Thailand (exact)