The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Edward David
Nick Name:
Lieut Col
Regimental #:
HQ Coy 2/3rd MGB
Place of Birth:
Stawell Vic
C of E
Pre-war Occupation:
Camps Japan:

General Description

Review WX3334 Edward Lynham‘s military records held at NAA.

LTCOL Edward David Lyneham, WX3334, from Perth, Western Australia Ed was born in 1905 in Victoria and died in 1991 in Western Australia. He had pre-war service as an Officer in the 28thBn from 1925 onwards. Ed was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 13 Aug 1925. He gained his Captaincy on 11 Sep 1929 followed by his Majority on 3 Sep 1937.
His CMF service during that pre-war period would have been part-time. Ed was called up for full time war planning on 28 Aug 1939. This was six days before the declaration of war. Hence Ed was ready when war began.
It was not until 3 June 1940 that he was transferred to the 2ndA.I.F. It may have been because he was an Orchardist which was a reserved occupation. However, the Germans captured Dunkirk the following day and France fell on 25 June 1940. It looked like the 2nd AIF would have to fight there again.
Ed’s CMF Officer experience was more valuable than his civil role in food production. The Australian Women’s Land Army is later raised to release men on the farms and in the orchards to fight.
Ed was appointed 2nd AIF Captain on 3 June 1940. He transferred to 2/3 MG Bn on 1 July 1940. Appointed 2ndAIF Major on 24 Nov 1940. Ed embarked from Fremantle with D Coy on 16 April 1941. The entire Battalion had a month together on the ship to train before disembarking in M.E. on 14 May 1941. He served in Palestine and Syria before being recalled to defend Australia.
Ed embarked from M.E. for Columbo, 1 Feb 1942 on HMT “Orcades”. HMT Orcades was diverted to Batavia, arriving after Singapore fell. The ship was lucky not to be attacked because U-171 later sunk HMT Orcades.
Ed is promoted LTCOL to command of 2/3 MG Bn in Blackburn Force. Ed is MIA on 7 March 1942. The Dutch surrendered on 8 March 1942. Ed is confirmed POW on 15 April 1942. He was recovered in Manila on 6 Sep 1945 after a terrible ordeal. He gave testimony in the war crime trials regarding six 2/3 MG Bn soldiers from W.A. who were executed on Java in April 1942.
WX3334 LTCOL Edward Lyneham served until 14 Sep 1949. Ed was married with children. He passed away on 21 March 1991.
Article written by Maurice Kissane.