Mick WEDGE WX9553

Born 1919 London, England Charles Newdegate Wedge, better known to all as ‘Mick’ enlisted AIF 4 Nov 1940, later joining 2/4th MGB ‘C’ Company.  Lt Wedge became Commanding Officer No. 12 Platoon.  He had earlier gained military experience with 28th Militia.

As POW in Singapore he left for Burma-Thai Railway Thailand with ‘D’ Force, S Battalion – this  Force and Green Force (sent to Burma end of Railway) included the largest number of 2/4th men.

S Battalion worked in the Hellfire Pass region where working conditions tested the men’s health and well-being beyond their limits.  Mick escorted a group of about 115 sick from Kanyu 1 by barge to Tarsau Hospital Camp (Tarsau was HQ for  D Force HQ) – originally, at its height with thousands of sick men,  Tarsau hospital conditions were terrible.   The sick knew if you could, to get away either on work party – no matter if you were well or not, or try to evacuate elsewhere.  Mick remained here two months before moving to Chungkai Hospital Camp, back to Kinsaiyok, Rin Tin, Hidato, Tamarkan, Tampie North, back to Kinsaiyok 4 months, Tamarkan, Chungkai, Tamuang, Kanchanaburi and Nakom Nayok from where he was recovered at the end of the war.

He was promoted to Captain and posted to 110 (P) MH (Hollywood Hospital) as Company Officer in December 1945.

In 1966 Mick was awarded a British Empire Medal for helping ex-servicemen and their families.

Mick Wedge was a ‘go-to’ man for former POWs who were (often for years and years) frustrated being in the system with Department of Veterans Affairs- i.e. being denied health considerations and benefits they should have been awarded, instead of being referred to as ‘malingers’ – it was the same for those after WW1 – has anything  changed for ex-servicemen of today??