‘B’ Company 9 Platoon

9 Platoon CO  WX9387 Lt. C.D. Lee – ‘H’ Force – recovered Changi.
Platoon Sgt  WX4985 Sgt N.J. Harris – ‘J’ Force – recovered Japan.

Platoon Sergeants:

WX8537 Sgt K. D. Tucker – recovered Niihama, Japan.

and WX5200 A/Sgt W.J. Robinson – Java-died Hintok17 Jul 1943

Platoon Corporals;

WX9557 Cpl E.J. Dorrington – Recovered Thailand
WX8777 Cpl J.W. Sanderson (was originally 8 Platoon) – died illness Tarsau 18 July 1943.
WX10865 T.E. Teasdale – recovered Thailand.

Privates (36 plus 2 reinforcements)

WX8518 W.F. Anderton – recovered Changi.
WX7937 H.G. Blakiston – recovered Thailand.
WX7329 R.A. Briggs –  recovered Thailand.
WX7790 T.H. Buscombe – recovered Thailand.
WX8420 D.N.H. Carter  – recovered Ohama No. 9B. Japan.
WX8641 H.J. Cowie  – ‘F’ Force – recovered Changi.

WX8587 W.J. Davey – ‘J ‘Force – recovered Japan.

WX7943 R. Drysdale -‘H’ Force – recovered Thailand
WX8584 J.S. Duncan – recovered Changi.
WX6262 W.H. Earnshaw – Died 15 Mar 1945 Sandakan.
WX9131 R. Goodwin – ‘F’ Force – d. Thailand 15 Nov 1943.
WX5086 H.J. Gregory – recovered Thailand.
WX7801 A. Hackshaw – ‘F’ Force – d. Burma 3 Nov 1943.
WX8433 R. Haldane – drowned Sydney Harbour 9 Jan 1942.
WX8819 J. Halligan – died Sandakan-Ranau Track 4 Feb  1945.
WX8869 L/Cpl. H.R. Hindle – killed rock fall Yamane mine, Japan 30 Sep 1944.
WX9597 F. Hinds – ‘F’ Force – recovered Changi.
WX9230 M.A. Hunter – Java – recovered Thailand.

WX8106 T.E.J. James – recovered Niihama, Japan.

WX7697 L/Cpl. R.R. Jeffery – Both Party – recovered Saigon.
WX10897 E.B. Jones – ‘J’ Force – recovered Japan.
WX8543 L.W.S. Kemp – recovered Thailand.
WX7250 G. Kidd – ‘H’ Force – died Thailand 24 Oct 1943.
WX8369 J.J. Lynch – died illness Thailand 1 Jul 1943.
WX8611 L.J. McGrath – Injured -Returned to Australia.
WX7675 C.J. McPherson – recovered Thailand.
WX8013 E.E. Miller – ‘F’ Force – recovered Changi.
WX8749 A.G. Newell – recovered Niihama, Japan.
WX7940 W.G. Nicholson – lost ‘Rakuyo’ Maru Sep 1944
WX5222 L. O’Neil – d. Sandakan 15 Dec 1944.
WX8642 D. Parker – recovered Thailand.
WX8562 A.V.  Schuts – recovered Ohama Camp, Japan.
WX7784 J.W. Smith – recovered Thailand.
WX7913 F.T. Ward – recovered Thailand.
WX8765 J. Warren-Smith – died Thailand 17 Jul 1945.
WX9076 R.G. Whitelaw – recovered Ohama Mine, Japan.
WX15433 Cpl. J.L. Anderson – ‘F’ Force – recovered Changi.
WX12427 R.A. Foster – recovered Thailand.

13 Soldiers died.



Lance Corporal Dick HINDLE WX8869 – Driver/mechanic 9 Platoon ‘B’ Coy bled to death 30 Sep 1944 after falling rock  severed his leg at Sumitomo Besshi copper mine, Japan. He was a father of four children including his youngest Denis, who had died aged 4 years in 1937.
Hindle had worked and survived working on Burma-Thai Railway  around the Hellfire Pass Cutting with D Force Thailand S Battalion  At the end of 1943 the rail was completed with many lives lost and many more ill and dying being transferred the main camp hospitals in Thailand –  Hindle was sent to Tamuang Camp where with a large number of 2/4th POWs, he was selected  by the Japanese to be fit to work in Japan.
Dick had grown up in Palmyra and was a popular footy player with the local team
He was one of seven children born to parents Lawrence William Hindle and Bridget Emily Danks who married at Mount Margaret 1895.   When their youngest child was 12 months old, Lawrence William Hindle enlisted in WW1 with 11th Battalion.  He was tragically killed in action at Pozieres, France 23 July 1916.
He married about 1927 to Phyllis Harris of Fremantle, older sister to WX4985 Norman Joseph HARRIS, also with 2/4th.
Hindle and Harris enlisted about the same time in 1940 later transferred to 2/4th, ‘B’ Coy 9 Platoon under C.O. Lt Don Lee. Harris was promoted on 24 Jan 1942 to Platoon Sergeant (No. 2 IC)
Norm’s parents Elijah (Thomas) Richard Harris and Clara Matilda Kjellgren married SA 1901. They had a family of two children Veronica and Ernest when they moved to Fremantle.  Their third child Phyllis May was born in 1908 and Norman Joseph born 1910 Fremantle.  The Harris family remained living in Fremantle.
Harris was one of 20 men from 2/4th who sailed with ‘Wales’ Maru Party to Japan, departing their barracks 15 May 1943. Norm Harris was recovered from Toyama at the end of the war.
On returning to WA, Norm spent time at Lady Mitchell Convalescent home.  He required treatment to his eyes which had suffered due to vitamin deficiency.  Tragically Norm’s eyesight further deteriorated.
In 1937 Norm had married Agnes Mary (known as Bobbie) Clifford.

In 1949 Norm and his wife Agnes were residing Hamilton Road, Spearwood, market gardening the property purchased through rehabilitation.
The couple relocated to Caloundra, Qld.  He died 3 June 1970 Caloundra aged 57 years, and was buried at Caloundra Cemetery.  Bobbie died 1994 Caloundra.


9 Platoon B Coy – F.J. Dorrington


Also in Platoon 9 was WX8433 Robert W. HALDANE who drowned in Sydney’s Port Jackson on 9 Jan 1942 whilst ‘Aquitania’ was moored. Haldane had enlisted about the same time as Hindle and Harris. The whole platoon would have felt the loss of their mate aged 22 years.
Haldane was born Broome March 1923 to parents William and Charlotte Haldane.  Charlotte known as Lottie (nee Hilliard) died in 1936 when Bob was 17 years old.
The Hilliard family were Broome and Nor West Pearling pioneers.
You can read more about the family

And Strawb Dyson’s family