Rin Tin, Lin Thin 182km - Thailand

Rin Tin Camp,  Lin Tin 180k – Thailand

When ‘D’ Force U Battalion under the Command of Reg Newton  moved from Tonchan to RinTin – there was no camp.  It was jungle and the men had to clear it before building huts.

The men thought highly of Reg – and would say they survived because of him.  He stood up to the Japs and got slapped often.

Along with  Doc. Hinder and Lieutenant Ralph Sanderson.  Reg Newton was ‘red-hot’ on hygiene and cleanliness.

When ‘D’ Fore were working at Rin Tin the POWs built a bridge under instruction from the Japanese which wasn’t very sturdy.  When a loco began crossing the bridge the structure started to tip over and the Japanese had to gingerly reverse the train back out (which was funny for the POWs watching).  However the POWs took six weeks to brace the bridge which had been built on soft ground.

Location of Rin Tin, Lin Thin 182km - Thailand (exact)