Bicycle Camp, Batavia, Jakarta - Java ***

Bicycle Camp Batavia, 1942-3


The bicycle Camp at Batavia was located at a place called Senen in the older part of the city at Weltevreden. It was the former barracks to the 10th Battalion Bicycle Unit, Netherlands East Indies Army. POWs called it the Bicycle Camp.
In May 1942 the camp was almost completely filled with British and Australian POWs. Work parties would leave the camp to do labouring jobs around the environs of Batavia or on the wharves at Tanjkong Priok. Tasks included roadwork, rolling steel drums, or sorting out motor vehicle parts, as there was a General Motors assembly plant at Tanjong Priok.
On 14th May British and Dutch troops were moved to another camp and the Australians from Glodok Prison and the advance party from Leles, were transferred to the Bicycle Camp. There were two 2/4th deaths at this camp.  Edgar Jones who died in July 1942 and William Nicholls who died 13 October 1942.

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