Kui Mang, 190.70km - Thailand

Kui Yae or Kuii Camp 185.60 km Camp, Thailand

(It is difficult to know which of the Kuii Camp the Western Australians were sent to – we apologise as we are forced to estimate)

‘D’ Force V Battalion Group 6

31st August 1943 to 18th December 1943

Read the story of ‘D’ Force V Battalion Group 6 and the camps they were camped at including Kuii.
Kui Yae camp was located about 4 kms from River Kwae Noi  and located near to the railway on the west side. (today the railway is in fact the main and only route travelling north in Thailand.)
This atap-hutted camp was already established and occupied by 1,700 Dutch which proved a problem for the Australians as their food supplies, and work parties etc. were dictated by already established Dutch. They received the ‘rough’ end of the stick’.
The Australians barged down river from Hindaine and commenced work on 1st August with every available man in the camp and continued until 17th December 1943.
Lt. Les ‘Pard’ Riches and 29 other ranks of heavy sick men were evacuated on 11th August 1943.
A total of 52 men died at this camp including a large number of 2/4th.
On 28th December, 1943 the remaining officer Major Alf Cough and 18 other ranks from the original party were evacuated to Non Pladuk Hospital Camp.  Three of these men died within days of their arrival.  Of the original 500 men of ‘D’ Force V Battalion Group 6, 200 had died by March 1944.  Had V Battalion remained with the Australians it is certain many more of these men would have stood a better chance of walking out of the jungle at the end of 1943 – fairer work parties and food.


Site of Kuii Camp


The Thai population are most respectful towards the dead.  They do not believe in developing or cultivating land where there were deaths.  Hence this area of land remains as it is.


Above:  Part of the Affidavit by Ted Moir’s  half brother Peter Gardiner WX10925 of 2/4th who survived.  Ted was father of three young children.  Ted’s wife died in 1944.





Location of Kui Mang, 190.70km - Thailand