The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Robert Arthur
Regimental #:
‘B’ Company, No. 9 Platoon, Reinforcement
Place of Birth:
Perth, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Harold Foster
Mothers's Name:
Kate (Ella) Mary Foster (nee Temple)
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
PMG Employee
Selarang Camp Changi
‘A’ Force Burma; Green Force, No. 3 Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Tamarkan, Nikhe-Nikhe, Nacompaton, Bangkok
Camps Burma:
Khonkan 55km Camp, Victoria Point, Tavoy, Ye, Thanbyuzat, 26K, 75K, 105k,
Return Details 1945:
Thailand-Singapore by aircraft; Singapore-Fremantle, HMT Circassia

General Description

Service in Korean War
Foster enlisted on 15th August 1950 and was discharged 10th November 1953.  He was wounded in North Korea at 0630 hours 24th April 1951 receiving a gunshot wound to his left thigh and shrapnel wounds to his right knee and left elbow as well as slight concussion.  He was evacuated to Seoul, then to Kure in Japan where he spent 5 weeks convalescing.  He was with 3rd Battalion Regt. No.’s were 5/2305.
On 28 September 1950, 3RAR landed at Pusan, South Korea. The battalion was part of 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade. Troops from 3RAR were rotated and replaced on an individual basis, and 3RAR remained in Korea for the duration of the conflict.



At Singapore Foster was selected to work on the Burma-Thai Railway with ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No. 3 Battalion.  Green Force was part of 3,000 men contingency which sailed out of Singapore for Burma on 14 May 1942.
Please read further about ‘A’ Force Green Force No. 3 Battalion
Green Force disembarked at Victoria Point where they worked on the airfield, before moving to the following Camps in Burma:
Tavoy, Ye, Thanbyuzat, Kun Knit Way 26 Km Camp, Aungganaung 105K, Khonkan 55 km Camp before moving to Thailand, to Tamarkan where he remained from Dec 1944 to August 1945.
He was recovered from Nacompaton when the war ended however prior to this he was working Bangkok Harbour Camp on the docks.  He was 5 weeks in Bangkok.  He flew to Singapore where he sailed home on the ‘Circassia’ departing 18 October 1945 and arriving 26 October 1945.

The above was included ‘Daily News’ 12 Sep 1945 – the article included numerous communications for parents/wives from their loved ones – for some they had no news throughout entire war.


Robert Arthur Foster’s parents Harold Foster married Kate Ella Mary Temple in 1917.  The couple had a family of four children, Joan, Robert, Donald and Kenneth.
Harold had enlisted WW1 with 16th Battalion.
Harold Foster died in April 1951 aged 61 years and Kate Foster died in 1962.  Harold and Kate were buried at Karrakatta.


After returning from the Korean War Robert turned his skills to motor cars.  In 1954 and 1958 he was a ‘radiator expert’ residing in North Perth.  In 1972 he was working as a motor body builder.
Robert Foster died in 2010 aged 87 years and was buried at Karrakatta.


Camp Locations:

  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Nacompaton, Nakom Pathom Hospital - Thailand
  • Nikhe Wood Camp, Ni Thea, 131 Kilo, 284k - Thailand
  • Tamarkan, Tha Makham 56k - Thailand
  • Aungganaung,105Kilo - Burma
  • Kun Knit Kway, Kunhnitkway, 26Kilo - Burma
  • Meilo, 75 Kilo, 340k - Burma
  • Tavoy (Dawei) - river port - Burma
  • Thanbyuzayat, 415k - Burma
  • Ye - Burma
  • Bangkok - Thailand
  • Victoria Point, Kawthoung - Burma. \'A\' Force, Green Force No. 3 Btn