Sime Road Camp - Singapore

Sime Road Camp – Singapore

Sime Road Camp was located closer to the golf links about a mile from Adam Park on the southern perimeter of the MacRitchie Reservoir. Here the accommodation was not as palatial as Adam Park, being native huts that were scattered and spread over a wide area.  The huts were typical atap style built on concrete bases.  The huts derived their name from the roofs which were constructed using the broad atap palm leaf.

The Royal Singapore Golf Club’s course was considered to be one of the best in the world with its water hazards and course layout.  The Japanese had decided to use this as a site for the “Fallen Warriors Shrine.”  The prisoners from Adam Park, Sime Road, Thompson Road (Caldecott Hill Estate), Mt Pleasant Estate, and Lornie Road were to work on the Shrine.  The water hazards were converted into miniature lakes with rustic bridges and ornamental gardens.  On one side of the course was a thickly wooded hill (Bukit Batok), which was about 350 feet high.  The Japanese decided that this would be the perfect site for their shrine, so the top of the hill was levelled to form a plateau in the centre about 50 yards square.  A stairway was built leading up to the plateau using granite slabs; there had been honed by the local Chinese Artisans and placed into position by the prisoners.

This group was moved back to Selarang Barracks Changi on 27th December 1942.

Location of Sime Road Camp - Singapore (exact)