2/4th men from this area of the Great Southern included:

WX9340 H.P. (Pat) Bennett 

Died Borneo 15.2.1945, ‘E’ Force.



WX9348 Colin L Heppell 

Died 6.10.1943 Kuii, Thailand



WX9350 P.G. (George) Hodgins 




WX9337 A.D. (Don) Moir

KIA 8.2.1942



WX9338 Lloyd O. Moir




WX9339 George Moir 




WX9351 Jack Treasure

Died 13.9.1943 Kuii, Thailand




WX14836 John Ramsbottom 




As you will notice Pat Bennett, Colin Heppell and Jack Treasures’ WX numbers are close as are the three Moirs.

Sadly Colin Heppell and his mate Jack Treasure with ‘D’ Force Thailand V Battalion, both died of illness at Kuii Camp, Thailand.  If you would like to read further about V Battalion please go to.






Above:  About June 1941.

Above:  Printed newspaper 14 February 1942.